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 **Course Overview:**
Are you ready to become the next “GO-TO MICROLOCS SPECIALIST” in your area? J

Join us at The Braid Shop for an exhilarating journey into MicroLocs with Tiny. MicroLoc Mastery: An Introduction  to MicroLocs is an exclusive 2-day hands-on training extravaganza! This intensive program is your gateway to mastering the Theory and Fundamentals of the MicroLocing process, setting you on the path to becoming a true MicroLocs connoisseur.

 **What You Will Conquer:**

1. **Precision Parting Perfection:** Unlock the secrets of precision parting, the cornerstone of flawless MicroLoc creation.
2. **Masterful Grid Techniques:** Command the art of crafting a perfect grid, ensuring every MicroLoc placement is uniform and sensational.
3. **Installation Wizardry:** Dive into the world of MicroLoc installation with finesse, exploring braiding, twisting, and interlocking like never before.
4. **Nourish & Flourish:** Discover the vital aftercare and maintenance rituals that will keep your MicroLocs healthy, vibrant, and stunning.
5. **Retie Like a Boss:** Equip yourself with top-tier techniques for retightening MicroLocs, preserving their beauty and charm effortlessly.
6. **Repair Magic:** Acquire the skills to expertly repair MicroLocs, solving common issues with finesse and ensuring your clients always leave dazzled.

7. **Mastering Maintenance:** Dive deep into the world of MicroLocs maintenance with our expert guidance. Discover the absolute best products and tools that are essential for keeping your MicroLocs pristine and gorgeous.
8. **Secrets to Success:** Delve into the dos and don’ts of working with MicroLocs, ensuring that you achieve outstanding results every time and leave your clients amazed.
9. **Unlock Hidden Gems:** Get ready to unravel the industry’s best-kept secrets and insider tips that will skyrocket your MicroLocs expertise to new heights!

 **What’s in Store for You:**

–   Enerlocks Tool Kit
–   Polished Beauty Collection Precision Styling Combs
–   Evolving Textures Natural Styling Gel
–   Personal Affects LoxxSet & LoxxMist
–   JK Design Custom Tee
–   Natural Hair Mannequin
–   Variety of Interlocking Tools
–   Crochet Hook
–   Consultation Guide
–   Training Guide
–   And a whole lot more surprises in store for you…

 Join us for the life-changing “Introduction to MicroLocs with Tiny” and kickstart your journey to becoming the ultimate MicroLocs specialist. This is an opportunity you simply can’t afford to miss out on. Hurry,  CLICK THE LINK BELOW and reserve your spot TODAY! 


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