Care Instructions

Your Enerlocks locking tool and gemstone bracele t and extender have arrived. You’re ready to put them to use. Even though your tool is made of stainless steel and will last you a lifetime, it still needs to be cared for to retain its luxurious luster. We’ll explain how you should clean, disinfect, and store your Enerlocks locking tool and gemstone bracelet and extender.


Cleaning is key

Your Enerlocks locking tool and gemstone bracelet and extender are at the center of your loc establishment and maintenance appointments. It’s the tool that will help you care for your client’s locs. But, the tool needs care, too.

Follow our cleaning recommendations:


STEP ONE: Use a microfiber (or non-abrasive) cloth to wash your Enerlocks locking tool (Be sure to rub the cloth in the same direction as the grain of the tool). Wash using a mild, neutral detergent or using soap and warm water. Rinse with cold water.

STEP TWO:  Wipe the tool dry using a fresh microfiber cloth.

STEP THREE: Once your tool has been dried, use a new microfiber cloth to disinfect it. (Suggestion: use 70% isopropyl alcohol.)

STEP FOUR: Use a fresh microfiber cloth to wipe away any excess alcohol.

Avoid using abrasive materials (e.g. steel wool, brushes) and corrosive liquids (e.g. bleach, chlorine), to clean your tool. These materials will affect the tool’s finish and luster over time.


  • Use warm water to clean your bracelet. Do not use detergent
  • Use a soft brush to wipe off any visible dust from the gemstone beads
  • Wipe the beads with a clean, soft cloth


To disinfect or not to disinfect, that is the question

The answer will always be, “Yes!”  As a beauty professional, disinfecting your tools and supplies is a routine part of your practice. This routine applies to the Enerlocks locking tool, also.


To disinfect your Enerlocks locking tool, we recommend that you use sterile or non-sterile isopropyl alcohol (70%).

  • Add 70% isopropyl alcohol to a spray bottle
  • Spray your tool with the alcohol
  • Spray a clean microfiber cloth with the alcohol and wipe your tool
  • Rinse your tool with warm water
  • Dry it with another clean microfiber cloth


While the gemstone bracelet and extender for your tool don’t need to be disinfected, there are a few recommendations that you should follow to maintain the integrity of your jewelry accessory.

  • Avoid pulling on the bracelet cords with excessive force
  • Remove the tool and gemstone bracelet and extender from your wrist before submerging your hands in water
  • Minimize exposing your bracelet and extender to perfumes and cosmetics; place the bracelet and extender on your wrist after perfumes and cosmetics have been applied


Store it and keep your tool ready for any loc establishment or maintenance appointment

It’s ideal to store your Enerlocks tool and gemstone bracelet and extender properly.  Doing so ensures that your tool will be in its best condition when you’re ready to establish, maintain, or repair your client’s locs.

Here are our storage best practices:


  • Keep your tool dry; avoid storing in or near damp areas
  • Avoid storing your tool in any liquids (e.g. water, alcohol, bleach/chlorine, barbicides)


  • Store your bracelet away from direct sunlight
  • Store your bracelet on its own display
  • Avoid exposing the jewelry box or container to sources of moisture

We have no doubt that you will love using your Enerlocks locking tool and gemstone bracelet and extender. They were designed specifically with you in mind.

We also encourage you to set your intentions and energetically cleanse your tool kit system before each use in your hair practice. When you care

for your tool kit system the Enerlocks way, you’ll have great success your loc practice.

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