The Tool

Go from opening the tool kit package to starting your first appointment in minutes.  You won’t need to make any out-of the-box tool adjustments.

Our locking tool is made of stainless-steel material.

The Enerlocks locking tool’s intentional and streamlined design reduces tension often experienced at the client’s hair root during loc establishment, maintenance, and repair appointments. Its smooth, polished finish and mild weight makes it easier for you to use on your clients while enhancing their experience with you. The accompanying gemstone bracelet and extender tool accessory, when attached to the wrist, saves you time during loc appointments. It reduces the risk of dropping the tool and needing to clean and disinfect it during your appointments.


Stainless steel; polished bronze silver finish

Gemstone bracelet and extender

3 ⅞ inches


Efficient + Time Saving.

An Intentional Design + A Lifetime Warranty

The frequency of the tool dropping and needing to be re-cleaned and re-disinfected is reduced.

Uses + Focus

Used to establish, maintain, and repair locs. The tool can also be used to part hair.  Helps focus the energies associated with abundance, prosperity, and wealth.

Durable + Energetically infused

Tool is made of stainless steel, a material that does not break. It has been infused with Reiki energy and sound healing energy.

Easy to Clean

Can be used with most cleaning products without damaging the tool surface.

Other Benefits.

  • The added weight brings awareness
    • If you are feeling stress, you will like hold your tool with tension. You will feel this tension and will be reminded to breath, relax
  • Luxury tool and stylist accessories (bracelets)
  • Lifetime warranty – tool will NOT break
  • High quality, professional finish prevents snagging allows user a high level of detail while interlocking
  • Functionality of tool allows loctician to save time (tool is secured by bracelet and extender)
  • The design allows you to part with the tool, establish locs, maintain locs, and event repair locs.
  • Properties of the tools and precious gemstones together transmit intentional energy from stylist to client.
  • Tools and accessories have been infused with Reiki energy and healing sound energy.
  • Good electrical & thermal conductivity to ease user fatigue

Let abundance, prosperity, and wealth abound.

Loc Directory

Have you been searching for a loctician to establish, maintain, or repair your locs?  How about a stylist for your natural hair?  Our Enerlocks loctician directory connects you with the loctician or stylist best aligned with your hair needs.  Search our directory by city, state, or hair specialization, view the locticians and stylists in our directory, and visit their profiles.

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