About Us

We are Enerlocks.

Enerlocks is a heart-centered company that aims to bring the focus of spirituality and mindfulness into the practice of establishing and maintaining locs.

We believe that locticians play a powerful role in client’s lives. We value the trust that clients have for locticians. We realize that placing our hands in a client’s crown is a very spiritual, sacred act. As a result, our energy needs to be of the highest vibration when we do. 

We also value time and experiences. We’ve also made it our mission to create ways to amplify our client’s experience and respect their time while they are with us. 

The Enerlocks locking tool system — locking tool, gemstone bracelet, and gemstone extender— was created. 

The patent-pending Enerlocks locking tool system provides the perfect balance of function, efficiency, mindfulness, energy flow, and spirituality. 

We’re grateful that you’re a part of the Enerlocks family and look forward to seeing you flourish in your hair practice. 

XO, The Enerlocks Team

Our founder,

Aymanie Nelson, created the Enerlocks locking tool and gemstone bracelet and extender as a direct result of her personal hair practice where her focus is always on creating pleasant, client-focused experiences that are grounded in intentional thoughts, actions, and efficient service.

Aymanie approached the creation of the Enerlocks locking tool system with that same focus and energy. Through intentional tool design and material sourcing and collaborations with a Reiki practitioner, a sound  healer and a local jewelry artisan, she created the tool that fills the gap that she saw in the loctician hair practice environment.


We work actively to lower our carbon footprint and to help preserve and protect our land. In each stage of our operations — creation, manufacturing, shipping — we have been mindful in our decision-making.

Our product

Our locking tool is made from stainless steel. We consciously chose stainless steel because of its durability.  With proper care, it will last a lifetime and thus eliminates the need to fill landfills with plastic that often takes decades or more to break down.

Our shipping materials

We have reduced our need for standard plastic packaging and shipping materials.  Instead, we have opted to use paper packing and shipping materials that are recycled, are recyclable, or that can be repurposed.

We pledge to continually incorporate sustainability into our business and business practice.

We are love + We are locs.

Let abundance, prosperity, and wealth abound.

Loc Directory

Have you been searching for a loctician to establish, maintain, or repair your locs?  How about a stylist for your natural hair?  Our Enerlocks loctician directory connects you with the loctician or stylist best aligned with your hair needs.  Search our directory by city, state, or hair specialization, view the locticians and stylists in our directory, and visit their profiles.

Unification + Membership

All memberships include the Enerlocks Tool, Bracelet + Maintenance Accessories

Platinum Plus

The PLATINUM PLUS membership is only offered to a limited number of customers.


Exclusive discounts on all product lines and events, as well as advertising on Enerlocks’ site.


Access to our private Facebook group, along with a certificate of authenticity.


Certificate of authenticity and a business listing on our loctician directory (included in all memberships).

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