Function. Spirituality. Mindfulness.

The practice of maintaining and establishing locs.

Loc Classes

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Discover the art of hair locking and unlock your potential with our partnering Loctician Educators. Whether you’re a beginner or an experienced stylist, their classes are tailored to provide you with the knowledge and skills you need to create and maintain beautiful, healthy locks. With expert instructors as your guide, you’ll receive personalized instruction and hands-on training to help you achieve your goals. Click the button below to see a list of their available classes and start your journey towards becoming a locking expert today!

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Enerlocks Locking Tool System

Infused with the balancing, healing energy of Reiki and the resonant frequencies of sound healing therapy, the Enerlocks locking tool system has revolutionized the way that locticians establish, maintain, and repair locs.

Unification + Membership

All memberships include the Enerlocks Tool, Bracelet + Maintenance Accessories

Platinum Plus

The PLATINUM PLUS membership is only offered to a limited number of customers.


Exclusive discounts on all product lines and events, as well as advertising on Enerlocks’ site.


Access to our private Facebook group, along with a certificate of authenticity.


Certificate of authenticity and a business listing on our loctician directory (included in all memberships).

With Function
+ Purpose.

Let the intentionally sleek and durable design of your Enerlocks locking tool and gemstone bracelet and extender keep you in-the-moment while placing your hands in your client’s crown. Move through your client’s crown with ease and efficiency; the locking tool will not break and the gemstone bracelet and extender prevent the tool from accidental falls.

to empower.

The healing hands of a Reiki practitioner have cleared and balanced the energy of your Enerlocks locking tool and gemstone bracelet and extender. This healing energy flows to you and through you to impart positive energy to your client. As energy flows, this aligned energy will flow back to you.

Sound Therapy

Using sound bowls, your tool is treated with sound healing at a frequency of 432 Hertz, a frequency known to assist in calming and releasing negative energy and stress. With this healing frequency, the current of peaceful energy will flow while the resonance of the sound will aid in connecting you closer to nature.


The gemstones on the bracelet and extender of your Enerlocks locking tool are chosen for the natural properties that they each possess. As you set and recite your intentions before each client establishment or maintenance appointment, amplify them with complementary gemstones. Worn on your wrist, you will be reminded to focus on your intentions and stay in-the-moment throughout your appointments.

Let abundance, prosperity, and wealth abound.

Raise your vibrations, let energy flow, and amplify your client’s loc establishment or maintenance appointment.

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