We want your help.

Loctitians, let your work be a part of Enerlocks.

Locticians, if you currently use latch hook crochet needles, interlocking tool needles, or clip tools on your loc clients, we invite you to participate in the Enerlocks locking tool case study.  You work day-to-day with your clients and you have valuable knowledge and insight into not just the industry, but also into the inner workings of a respected and successful hair practice — your practice.

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You know which techniques suit your current client’s needs
You know which tools you like to use the most
You know how to keep your client’s happy and satisfied

But with as much as you know, there is still room to improve.

You ask yourself, "How can I..."
my establishment times?
my retightening sessions?
my hair practice uptime?
my client’s experience with me?

The answer is in the tool.

The Enerlocks locking tool.

When you participate in the 30-day Enerlocks locking tool case study, you’ll experience firsthand how the Enerlocks tool answers your questions.  

Simply put, the Enerlocks locking tool will:

  • reduce retightening times
  • eliminate hair snagging
  • not drop during use
  • not break 

After you apply to participate and you’re accepted, you’ll:

Purchase your Enerlocks Locking Tool

Your initial investment is $50.00 plus shipping and your second and final investment will be the tool balance. This amount will be debited automatically from your account 32 days after your initial investment. (Total investment: $205 + tax, if applicable)

Attend an “In-Person Session” or  a “Getting Started” Zoom Call

We’ll show you how to use the tool and we’ll also give you locking tool tips and best practices.

Us the Tool & Document Your Process

  • Use our tool on at least 5 of your clients
  • Compare and document your retightening times using your existing tool and of your times using the Enerlocks tool 
  • Document the process by recording 2 videos per client
    • Video #1: using your existing tool on at least one row
    • Video #2: using the Enerlocks tool on the same number of rows
  • Collect feedback from your clients after their retightening 
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At the end of the 30-day case study...

Get Featured and Expand Your Reach

Share your videos with us and we’ll share your videos on the Enerlocks website and on social media platforms.

Make Your Final Decision

Keep it: we’re confident that you’ll fall in love with the Enerlocks tool.  In that case, there’s nothing left for you to do. Your card will be debited and you get to continue to use the tool on all of your clients. 

Return it: if you feel that the Enerlocks tool isn’t the best fit for you after 30-days, simply ship the locking tool and the toolkit’s unused contents (palo santo and candle) back to us for a full refund minus the shipping cost.  You’ll be required to ship the tool and toolkit contents back to us on or before day 31 and provide us with tracking information. If we don’t receive your tracking number by the 31st day, you’ll be charged the balance due on the locking tool. 

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We’re excited to see you experience the Enerlocks locking tool. 

We’re reviewing applications now, so if you’re ready to create transformations in your hair practice and this case study seems like a great fit for you, submit your application as soon as possible. 

Enerlocks Case Studies

Case Study 1

Retightening Comparison

Latch Hook Crochet Needle

4.5 Hrs


Enerlocks Locking Tool

3.25 Hrs

Watch the Video

Case Study 2

Retightening Comparison

Interlocking Hook Tool

5 Hrs


Enerlocks Locking Tool

2.5 Hrs

Watch the Video