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Enerlocks is committed to elevating the loctician hair practice by bringing awareness into it.  Each of the company’s Enerlocks locking tool kit systems, which includes the stainless steel locking tool, a gemstone bracelet, and gemstone bracelet extender, has been created with care and intentional energy.  The gemstones used for each bracelet and extender were chosen specifically for their properties of wealth, prosperity, and abundance.  The locking tool’s patent-pending design and material make the tool highly effective and durable. The Enerlocks locking tool system is revolutionizing the practice of doing hair.

The Enerlocks locking tool kit system is the gold standard of locking tools. Its key benefits are that it is:

  • Functional – aids in establishing, maintaining, and repairing locs; effective when used for hair parting
  • Durable – made of stainless steel
  • Indestructible – will not break (with proper care)
  • Sleek, smooth design – eliminates hair snagging and discomfort
  • Time-saving – reduces loctician downtime; will not fall to the ground
  • Properly weighted – reduces hand cramping; brings awareness to body mechanics
  • Intentionally created with uplifting and positive vibrations

Here are a few reviews of the Enerlocks tool from your loctician peers and clients:

As the gold standard of locking tools, we recognize the power in introducing the tool kit system to locticians worldwide. 

We appreciate and align with your business’ practice, service, values, and operation.  We want to partner with you.  As an educator partner with Enerlocks, you’ll have the opportunity to:

  • Use durable and high quality locking tools in your hair practice and educational classes
  • Become an industry leader and change agent by setting the bar of excellence in loctician education
  • Become a trusted educator resource to new and seasoned locticians

Some of the additional benefits to you as a brand affiliate partner include:

  • Educator partner discount – receive a $15.00 discount off of each tool kit purchased for your educational classes. (You must add your business’ profile to the Enerlocks website to be eligible to receive the discount.)
  • Brand promotion – through a featured listing on the Enerlocks website, your brand and classes will be promoted
  • Business growth potential – gain new clients and students in your hair practice and business
  • Platinum Plus membership access – reap the benefits of the membership which include exclusive discounts on Enerlocks product lines and events, advanced access to business and networking events, and entrance into the exclusive Enerlocks online community
  • Platinum Plus student memberships – extend the Platinum Plus membership and its perks to each student who uses the Enerlocks locking tool kit. This exclusive perk is only available to Enerlocks educators.  Each student will have on-going access to join the membership for as long as you remain a brand affiliate partner
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We are excited to partner with you. We know that your business and its offerings will be enhanced as a result. We look forward to discussing the details of our partnership.

Enerlocks Student Kit

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Equip your students with personalized essentials! Our custom Loctician Educator Student Kits are meticulously crafted to align with your brand's unique color scheme and feature custom charms, all available at a discounted rate (original price $285).
Price: $240.00
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6" - 6 1/4" (Small); 6 1/2" - 6 3/4" (Medium); 7" - 7 1/4" (Large); 7 1/2" - 7 3/4" (Extra Large)

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