Music Therapy

Music. Vibration. Resonance. Frequency. Tone.

You are surrounded by each of these in every area and at every moment of your life. There are sounds that are pleasing and calming to your ear. Likewise, there are sounds that can also be off-putting and grating. Whether appealing or not, sounds have an impact on how you feel. Sound healing therapy is one way in which a positive impact can be made in your body and mind. Let’s explore who provides sound healing, what sound healing therapy is, and how it works.

Who delivers sound therapy?

Individuals who deliver sound healing therapy are Certified Sound Healers. They are specially trained practitioners who have a deep understanding of math, the physics of sound, and healing instruments. They are trained to know how to create ideal healing conditions in the body through the mixture of intention setting and sound frequencies. They are an integral part of holistic healing.

What is sound healing therapy?

In layman’s terms, sound healing is as the name states, healing with sound. But, what exactly does this mean? Sound healing therapy is the use of sound, created by a variety of instruments, to aid in healing, calming, and restoration. These instruments range from the timbre of the voice to the beating of a drum and include instruments such as crystal and Himalayan singing bowls, ocean drums, and gongs. As explained by Kelvin Young, Certified Sound Healer, “sound healing is the intentional use of sound to create an environment that becomes the catalyst for our healing.”

How does sound healing therapy help?

The sound healing instruments and frequencies chosen by a Certified Sound Healer help to lessen or turn off our body’s ‘flight or fight’ response (sympathetic nervous system) and it begins to stimulate our ‘feed and breed’ response (parasympathetic nervous system). When our body’s parasympathetic nervous systems are activated, our bodies can heal and repair themselves naturally.

Sound healing therapy is also known to relax the mind and body by affecting brain waves. As healing instruments vibrate, they impact brain waves by transitioning them from a waking state (Beta), to a relaxed state (Alpha), and to an even deeper meditative state (Delta and Theta). It is in the latter two states that the mind and body are most relaxed.

Additionally, the chakras, or the energy centers of the body, can be healed when the instrument that is used is tuned to resonate with a specific energy center. Quartz crystal singing bowls can be tuned to musical notes that align and heal specific chakras. For example, a singing bowl tuned to musical note ‘C’ aligns with the root chakra of the body where a singing bowl tuned to musical note ‘A’ aligns with the third-eye chakra.

Inanimate objects, just like people, vibrate at specific frequencies. They are also susceptible to external frequencies like that from sound. For this reason, sound healing therapy is equally as beneficial on objects as it is on people. If, for example, the intention of a Certified Sound Healer is to create a sense of grounding, they would use crystal singing bowls that vibrate at a frequency of 432 Hertz. This grounding sound energy is transferred from the bowl to the person or object.

Grounding energy was transferred to our Enerlocks locking tool kits and this grounding energy awaits each loctician who uses their tool kit. Certified Sound Healer Kelvin Young joined us in our launch ceremony and treated each Enerlocks locking tool kit system with grounding 432 Hertz frequency. See how sound healing was used in our launch ceremony video.

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