Get The Best Fit For Your Enerlocks Gemstone Bracelet and Extender

“Does it matter what size wrist I have when I use my Enerlocks locking tool and bracelet? I’ll just choose the color gemstones that I like and call it a day.”  The answer is a resounding, “yes!”  Your wrist size matters.  It matters just as much as the colors and properties of your gemstone bracelet.  

Your favorite bracelet completes your outfit; it adds the final touch to your outfit du jour and makes your outfit complete. You feel good and you look good because your accessories complete the intentions you had for your outfit — dressy, sporty, casual, formal.  The gemstone bracelets on the Enerlocks tool are just as important.  They complete your outfit, they aid in your intention setting, and most importantly, they make using the tool most effective.  

Why let an improperly fitting bracelet affect how you feel and how effectively you use your Enerlocks tool. Worst of all, you run the risk of losing or dropping your  Enerlocks tool and accessories. To prevent this, your bracelet needs to fit on your wrist well.  You’ll need to know what the wrist measurement is, how you measure it, and the tools you need to measure.


The wrist measurement is the distance around your wrist, or its circumference.  Typically measured in centimeters (cm) or inches (in), this measurement allows you to choose bracelets that suit your accessory wearing style; they have the best fit. For some, wearing a snug bracelet is ideal while for others, a bracelet with a little bit of room is optimal.  Knowing your wrist measurement helps you choose the best fitting gemstone bracelet for your Enerlocks tool to ensure comfort and function. 


Believe it or not, where you take your measurement matters.  When it’s time to measure:

  1. Decide on which wrist to measure
  2. Extend this arm directly in front of you with the palm facing the ceiling
  3. Spread out the fingers (your wrist is at its widest point in this position)
  4. Choose where you’ll wear your bracelet — at the wrist bone, above the wrist bone, or below the wrist bone
  5. Place your measuring tool at the center of the wrist
  6. Wrap the measuring tool around the wrist until the ends meet
  7. Record the measurement.  This is your wrist measurement



The tools that you need to determine your wrist measurement can be any one of the following options:

  1. Tape measure
  2. Piece of string and a ruler (the string will act as a tape measure; the ruler allows you to measure the length of string)
  3. Enerlocks’ printable wrist size guide (


Once you’ve determined your wrist size, you can easily decide on the appropriate gemstone bracelet size for your Enerlocks tool.  Our Enerlocks gemstone bracelets are offered in four sizes — small (6” – 6 ¼”), medium (6 ½” – 6 ¾”), large (7” – 7 ¼”), and extra large (7 ½” – 7 ¾”). Visit the Enerlocks website and browse through our selection of gemstone bracelets and extenders for our locking tools.  If you don’t already have your locking tool kit system, don’t worry. Order yours on our website and join the Enerlocks family. 

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