Enerlocks Launch Ceremony

Enerlocks is the transfer of positive energy, love, and intention from us to you and through you to your client.  Our locking tool system was created with intention and love, so it was important for us to create a launch ceremony that amplified the transfer of this love and intentional energy to you. We wanted […]

Music Therapy

Music. Vibration. Resonance. Frequency. Tone. You are surrounded by each of these in every area and at every moment of your life. There are sounds that are pleasing and calming to your ear. Likewise, there are sounds that can also be off-putting and grating. Whether appealing or not, sounds have an impact on how you […]


Amidst the chaos of the external world or the stress that impacts us from the hustle and bustle of day-to-day life, it is important to create time and ways to bring ourselves back to center, to heal.  We must make intentional decisions and decide how and with whom we will share our time, energy, and […]

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