Enerlock Family

Kelvin Young

Kelvin Young is a Certified Sound Healer, speaker, and founder of Kelvin Young, LLC. Highly trained in sound healing, Kelvin uses crystal and Tibetan singing bowls, ocean drums, gongs, and other sound healing instruments to activate the healing response in his clients. Whether working in small groups or one-on-one, Kelvin is known for his down-to-earth and relatable approach to healing.

Kelvin is a founding member of Toivo, a Hartford, Connecticut-based holistic healing center that focuses on recovery. Toivo creates a safe community for people to heal by providing experiences that include workshops, yoga and fitness classes, and stress management workshops.

Kelvin is passionate about the benefits of sound healing and the  positive impact that it has on helping people heal from mental and emotional distress and addiction. Kelvin has incorporated a holistic approach into his lifestyle and has been successful for over a decade at managing his recovery from addiction and his mental and emotional distress. Kelvin has spoken to diverse audiences  throughout the United States. As a certified Recovery Support Specialist trained in emotional CPR and Intentional Peer Support, Kelvin has spoken about the benefits of sound and holistic healing their integration into the management of mental and emotional health.

Kelvin is committed to holding space for people to begin to heal and to providing people the tools they need to create sustained healing.

Cheryl Quintero

Cheryl Quintero is a multi-faceted entrepreneur with over 20 years of experience. She is a Business and Creative Consultant to aspiring and established small business owners and entrepreneurs. With her experience, knowledge, and expertise, Cheryl helps her clients experience positive growth in their businesses.  She is respected for her professionalism and is known for her organizational skills.

Cheryl understands her client’s business vision and provides them with the clarity and structure they need to operate successfully and efficiently.  She provides them with proven business strategies that are aligned with their missions and values.  She also creates brand-aligned written copy for her clients.

Cheryl is also a heart-centered Certified Health Coach and Fitness Professional who strives to help her clients create forward-moving and sustainable changes to their lifestyles, one step at a time.  For the past 10 years, Cheryl has helped her clients in small group and in one-on-one sessions.

When Cheryl isn’t helping her clients become successful, she is playing and learning new musical instruments and taking dance classes.

Mychelle King-Coleman

Mychelle King-Coleman is a multi-dimensional Holistic Wellness Practitioner and Certified Kemetic Yoga Instructor with over twenty years of knowledge and experience. She enjoys practicing a number of yoga styles that include Power Vinyasa Flow, Hatha, Iyengar, Restorative and Hot Yoga. Being a collegiate & former professional athlete, 2nd degree black belt in traditional Tae Kwon Do, and serving as a member of the United States Air Force, Mychelle has a deep understanding of how the body moves and how the mind functions. She is able to leverage this understanding and maximize her students’ success and growth through their wellness journey and yoga practice.

Mychelle creates inclusive and safe environments for her students to begin to heal, to become more whole, and to increase their awareness of their divine purposes on the planet. She is masterful in her yoga instruction, leading her students through meditations, affirmations, salutations, and yoga postures that help them to become more aware of their bodies as the breath moves through them. She helps to guide them towards attaining an increased sense of grounding and peace in their lives.

Mychelle understands the power and value in creating restorative and sacred experiences for all people. She is a facilitator and co-creator of holistic wellness spa retreats, sacred healing events, corporate wellness programs, and yoga sessions.

When she is not creating positive transformations and feelings of empowerment in her yoga students, Mychelle enjoys being an Aviator, the holistic benefits of her personal yoga practice, and her vegan lifestyle of 25 years.

Yulonda Henderson

Yulonda Henderson is the owner, lead jewelry designer, and educator at Queen Lula Jewelry. Yulonda creates jewelry that is designed with her customer’s needs and personal styles in mind. Yulonda specializes in creating custom and handcrafted  designs. She is respected for her eye for detail and her customer-centered approach to design.

With her knowledge of the energetic properties of gemstone beads, Yulonda creates gemstone beaded bracelets designed to transmit positive energy to her customers.  Yulonda’s understanding of color associations and hues makes each of her designs aesthetically pleasing and energetically powerful.

Yulonda also creates custom keepsake jewelry that represents and embodies the essence of her customer’s loved ones. Despite the fact that the loved ones are no longer present , Yulonda creates these unique pieces so that her customers remain connected with them.  Yulonda showcases her depth of knowledge in her designs by using Peyote stitches, Right-angle weaves (RAW), and Cubic right-angle weaves (CRAW) beading techniques.  She uses seed beads, crystals, and glass beads as the materials for her keepsake jewelry.

Yulonda is an enthusiastic jewelry designer who enjoys educating her customers about the art of jewelry making and about the properties of gemstone beads.  She designs with the deepest appreciation and love with her mother in mind.

Deidra Brown

Deidra Brown is the owner and lead notary public of Notary Plus. Notary Plus, is a Connecticut- based notary public company that provides mobile notary solutions to clients within the law, real estate and mortgage industries. Deidra has vast knowledge of the industries that she serves and is known for her reliability, accuracy, and superb customer service. Deidra has a love for exploring and learning. When Deidra is not acting as a notary and loan signing agent, she spends her time continuing to hone her skills and expand industry knowledge to expand her notary and loan signing services.


Francine Roberts

Francine Roberts is a business owner, certified notary and loan signing agent, and a dedicated Licensed Practical Nurse (LPN) with 25 years of experience. Francine’s company, April Green, LLC, is a service-based company providing services to both the real estate and medical industries. Francine manages the care of her hemodialysis patients and educates them on various aspects of their vascular care. As a notary and signing agent, she enables interest rate locks and real estate funds to be processed and disbursed promptly for her real estate clients. Through on-going professional training, Francine continually improves how she provides client
services and patient care. Francine is on track to meet her goal to be the top choice for Connecticut notary signing agents.

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